At Up we see the world through a unique prism.
We believe in uplifting creativity.
Ideas which lift-up the spirit and elevate the senses.
Inspirational marketing that really engages, that entertains, delights, enlightens and empowers.
In communications which touch the heart, soul, body and mind.
In reaching for the creative stratosphere – elevating brands and causes to a higher plane.
We believe in work which reflects and appeals to higher human values.
Work that has a positive impact on people’s lives and as a result, a positive impact on brand affinity & brand value.
It’s time for a more positive & uplifting stance.
UP believes we are here for good, to share, to contribute, to shake things up and move on up.


We believe ethics and values are now the main drivers of sustainable 21st Century business. A customer’s personal and community values inform their purchasing decisions and opinions.

Organisations need to be corporate citizens, the types of companies that inspire a consumer to choose them over a competitor, whose ideals and ways of doing business are good for humanity and the planet, that connect in a personal way with people just like us.


Uplifting Creativity is the pursuit of work that does good for people, causes communities and customers, thereby giving them and clients brand value a sustained uplift. It’s work based on 7 core values;

A world where the power of advertising is used for good, working with organisations to have a positive impact on people and the planet as well as the bottom line.

People can sense when an organisation and people are being true and passionate for their values.

To assess truly where we really are now and what our impact is.

To do business fairly with an open book, unafraid of scrutiny.

To change, to evolve with new learning, to turn down ideas, work and clients that don’t fit with the vision of a better world. To pick the game-changing concept that can move mountains.

Together with partners clients and customers, causes and concerns for the long journey. Supporting big ideas with the budgets needed to be widely seen and acted upon.

The earlier we start, the more impact we have. The standard bearers for change get first mover advantage.